Friday, August 29, 2014

H&M Studio Collection AW2014

Hi guys! 
After I while I finally found some time to write a post again. Lately I've been really bussy with work and preparations for my upcoming trip to New York. And if I'm totally honest with you, I didn't really have an inspiration to write these days. But I'm sure that world capital of fashion, New York, will give me inspiration for at least a year, so I promisse you I'll write more during and after my trip :)
So, this time I decided to do different kind of post. Actually I want to show you guys new H&M collection for autumn and winter 2014, that was presented on Paris Fashion Week in march but they are starting to sell it in few days. In general, H&M is one of my favourite stores. In my opinion it is a brand for everyone. No matter your style, you can always find one peace to fall in love with. And most importantly, this is mostly very reasonably priced love. :)
While thinking of H&M there is undoubtedly no question that this is the brand for everyone. No matter your style, there has to be something to like, something that you have an urge to get. Of course it also looks good at a reasonable price. - See more at:
While thinking of H&M there is undoubtedly no question that this is the brand for everyone. No matter your style, there has to be something to like, something that you have an urge to get. Of course it also looks good at a reasonable price. - See more at:
While thinking of H&M there is undoubtedly no question that this is the brand for everyone. No matter your style, there has to be something to like, something that you have an urge to get. Of course it also looks good at a reasonable price. - See more at:

New collection seems very luxurious nut at the same time very wearable. Because we are talking about fall/winter collection, the clothes are mostly in colours, tipical for fall. There is a lot of chocholate brown, caramel, deep blue and redish/orange tones.

Now I want to show you my favourite pieces from this new collection, and I have to remind you, that they'll start selling the new collection on september 4th, so don't forget to run in the nearest store on thursday and grab your favourite piece! ;) 

This black and blue dress is my absolute winner! 

- See more at:

Friday, August 8, 2014

Sunny friday:)

It's finally friday, my favourite day of the week! :)
During the week I'm mostly working and saving money for New York ( only 45 day left!!!) and today, after a finished with work, I decided to go for a walk with my boyfriend through beautiful town, called Rogaška Slatina. It was a perfect sunny day, finnally! :) We ate icecream, talked, laughed and just had fun. Just what I needed after a long week.
I hope you had a nice friday too! :)
xoxo, A.
I'm wearing:
-Bershka lace dress
-Bershka DIY vest
-Guess sandals
-H&M bag
-Vogue sunglasses necklace

Friday, August 1, 2014


Hi guys! 
Omg, this years "summer" really is crazy! Here in Slovenia it was raining pretty much the whole july. Today is finally the first "kind of sunny day" after days and days of rain. Because the weather didn't allow me to show you more of my summer outfits, I decided to go with the old one.
So, this time, I'll show you an outfit I wore  almost a year ago, when I participated in some blogger contest here in Slovenia. It is actually a very simple outfit with just few basic peaces, that make a great whole in my opinion. 
I hope you like the pictures and I promisse to post a new summer post very soon! (fingers crossed for some sunny weather!;)) 

I'm wearing: 
-Converse sneakers 
-Daniel Ray bag 
-everithing else is from Stradivarius

xoxo, A.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer moments

I finally found some time to write a new post for my blog. A week ago I started a summer job on local radio, where I work in journalism and marketing. That's the reason I have less time for my blog now, but I'm doing my best! :)
So, I still have one outfit I wore when I was still on Croatia's cost. Me and my girlfriends deacided to go out to for a few drinks and for that occasion I chose blue Zara dress I bought on sales for only 25€! :) It's a beautiful and very comfortable dress with cut out back. I styled it with Stradivarius metalic shoes and with some yellow accessories (bag from random store and necklace from I completely fell in love with my new yellow statement necklace, which you can buy here: ! :) I love that necklace because it makes every, even the most simple outfit, very chic and stylish.
I hope you like it and enyoj your summer! :)

xoxo, A.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Maxi skirts are not only for tall girls! :)

So, as I promised, here it summer outfit! As I already told you, I was on Croatian island called Pag for the past two weeks. Mostly I was relaxing, enjoying and simply having fun with my friends and my boyfriend. One day, us girls went for a walk by the coast and of course we had to take some pictures for my blog, because the location was just amazing! 
This time I wore Zara maxi skirt, that I absolutely fell in love with! It is just perfect for summer walks and also super comfy. I wanted to tell you, that I'm pretty small (165 cm, that's about 5,4 ft.) and I always thought that maxi skirts are only for tall girls and I never had the courage to buy one for myself. But this year I decided to give it a try and I really liked it and I feel totally confident and great in it, even though I'm small. So, small girls...give it a try, it looks great on us too! :))

xoxo, A.

I'm wearing:  
-Zara maxi skirt
-H&M bag 
-Guess sandals 
-Stradivarius crop-top

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer chic

I'm currently still on vacation in Croatia, that's why I don't post as much as usual. The other day me and my boyfriend went for a walk through an cute old Croatian town called Novalja. The pictures were taken in the evening and that's the reason for the bad quality. For the night out I chose elegant and chic outfit. I wore Zara asymmetric shorts and blazer, H&M crop-top and bag, Primark statement necklace and Stradivarius metallic heels, that are my current fave. 
I hope you'll enjoy the outfit and stay tunned, because I have lots of summer outfits to show you. 

Greetings from Croatia, 
xoxo A.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Pastel power

This time I'm writting from the cost. I'm recently in Croatia, on island Pag, where I'm mostly  relaxing and chilling. Today I'll share with you a look I wore when I was still at home, in my hometown Rogatec. My stylings are mostly captured in Ljubljana, as I study and live there during the school year, but in summer I always spent two months at home with my family and my biggest love, Cockerspaniel Charlie. So, this time I asked for help my uncle, whose hobby is photography. Because we were a bit in a hurry, we 're not completely happy with how the pictures came out, but hey, we are still the begginers, both of us, and we'll have plenty opportunities to show you, that we can to better.
So for this minni photoshoot I chose light colours and some pastel accesories, that are total hit of this season. I wore denim Stradivarius shirt, Stradivarius cute white skirt, pastel Dorothy Perkins clutch and pastel Bershka necklace. And as the cluch had also the silver details, I decided to conclud whole outfit with silver Silvian Heach sandals. I hope you like the outfit! J

Xoxo, A.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer day in the city

Yesterday I took a day off and I went to Ljubljana. It was finally a perfect summer day and I decided to take a walk through the old city core. And of course, I had to take a peek into some fashion stores, because the sales just started and everything is really cheap now. I bought amazing silver heels in Stradivarius (only for 20€!!), which I'll show you in one of the upcoming posts. I wanted to buy so much more, but recently I'm really trying to save the money, because in september I'm going to the biggest fashion capital New York, and I want to save as much money as possible for shopping there. :)
So, for a hot summer day I chose to wear cute Stradivarius lace shorts, that are a must have of this summer. I combined them with Stradivarius black crop top, Bershka jacket, which I transformed into a cute jeans vest (I  just simply cut off the sleves), Mango hat and bag and Guess sandals. 

I hope you like the outfit, and don't still have time to paticipate in my giveaway and win a bracelet! ;) 

xoxo, A.

FOTO: Robert Ribič

Monday, June 23, 2014

Win a bracelet!

As I promised, here it first giveaway! Last week I found a great bracelet here in local store in Ljubljana and I immediately bought it. It's a simple white bracelet with three simbols: love, freedom and infinity. I really loved the bracelet and I decided, that I want to give it to one of you. As I said, mine is white and for one of you I chose the black version of it. All you have to do, to get a chance to win it, is: 

1.) Go to my FB page and like it:
2.) Share the giweaway post with your friends on Facebook (it has to be public!)
3.) Simply write done.

Then, keep you fingers crosses and maybe you'll be the new owner of this beautiful bracelet very soon! (Giveaway ends on friday, 27.6.2014).

Good luck, A. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Boyfriend jeans we love!

So yesterday I went for a walk through the beautiful streets of Ljubljana with my boyfriend and even though it is almost summer time, it is still kind of chilly and windy here in Slovenia. And as much as a wanted to finally pull of some great summer outfit, the weather just didn't alow it. That's why I decided for a casual outfit: ripped boyfriend jeans, sneakers and leather (faux) jacket. 
There is a funny story behind those jeans I wore. I've had them in my closed for around 5 years but I just never wore them, I have no idea why. And that's why I totally forgot I even had them. Then few days ago, when I did the summer cleaning of my closet, I discovered them, try them on and found out that they are the perfect boyfriend yeans! And from that day on I just can't stop wearing them :)

xoxo, A.

I'm wearing: 
-Bershka boyfriend jeans
-New Yorker jacket
-Zara blouse
-H&M leopard sneakers 
-Primark bracelet
-H&M necklace
-Mango bag

Sunday, June 15, 2014

There's first time for everything! :) it is! My very first blog post! :)
Now, let me first introduce. I'm 22-year old girl from small country called Slovenia. I won't be long, I'll just  write few words that describe me the best, so that you'll get the feelling what kind of person I am. I am:

  • fashion freak
  • shopping addict
  • animal lover 
  • marketing communication an PR student
  • in love
  • philanthropist   
For a long time I've been thinking about writing a fashion blog beacuse the idea of sharing my fashion taste, my outfits and looks was always very interesting and attractive to me. But I just never had the courage to simply sit down and start writing.

Then, about 2 weeks ago something happened that gave me the will and encouraged me to create a blog. So, I was walking the streets of Ljubljana and waiting for the bus to take me to my appartment. Then i suddenly saw two man and one of them was holding a professional camera. After few moments they came to me and asked me if they can take a photo of me, because they really liked my outfit. And when they told me that the picture will be posted in Cosmopolitan Slovenia I was really honored and I didn't have to think a lot,whether I'll say yes or no. :) In my opinion the photos came out great and  the best part of it is, they finally made me start doing what I love; writing about fashion. 

Link to my photo in Cosmopolitan Slovenia:

Ok, here are the photos, let me know if you like them too.. :) 

xoxo, A.

I'm wearing: 
-H&M dress
-H&M bag 
-Shana necklace 
-Sportina sandals
-Vogue sunglasses