Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Boyfriend jeans we love!

So yesterday I went for a walk through the beautiful streets of Ljubljana with my boyfriend and even though it is almost summer time, it is still kind of chilly and windy here in Slovenia. And as much as a wanted to finally pull of some great summer outfit, the weather just didn't alow it. That's why I decided for a casual outfit: ripped boyfriend jeans, sneakers and leather (faux) jacket. 
There is a funny story behind those jeans I wore. I've had them in my closed for around 5 years but I just never wore them, I have no idea why. And that's why I totally forgot I even had them. Then few days ago, when I did the summer cleaning of my closet, I discovered them, try them on and found out that they are the perfect boyfriend yeans! And from that day on I just can't stop wearing them :)

xoxo, A.

I'm wearing: 
-Bershka boyfriend jeans
-New Yorker jacket
-Zara blouse
-H&M leopard sneakers 
-Primark bracelet
-H&M necklace
-Mango bag


  1. omg, your shoes are amazing :)) and the whole outfit, of course. I like it. :)

    1. Thank you! :)) Try H&M, I think they still have those slip on sneakers, and btw, they are really cheap! ;))