Sunday, June 15, 2014

There's first time for everything! :) it is! My very first blog post! :)
Now, let me first introduce. I'm 22-year old girl from small country called Slovenia. I won't be long, I'll just  write few words that describe me the best, so that you'll get the feelling what kind of person I am. I am:

  • fashion freak
  • shopping addict
  • animal lover 
  • marketing communication an PR student
  • in love
  • philanthropist   
For a long time I've been thinking about writing a fashion blog beacuse the idea of sharing my fashion taste, my outfits and looks was always very interesting and attractive to me. But I just never had the courage to simply sit down and start writing.

Then, about 2 weeks ago something happened that gave me the will and encouraged me to create a blog. So, I was walking the streets of Ljubljana and waiting for the bus to take me to my appartment. Then i suddenly saw two man and one of them was holding a professional camera. After few moments they came to me and asked me if they can take a photo of me, because they really liked my outfit. And when they told me that the picture will be posted in Cosmopolitan Slovenia I was really honored and I didn't have to think a lot,whether I'll say yes or no. :) In my opinion the photos came out great and  the best part of it is, they finally made me start doing what I love; writing about fashion. 

Link to my photo in Cosmopolitan Slovenia:

Ok, here are the photos, let me know if you like them too.. :) 

xoxo, A.

I'm wearing: 
-H&M dress
-H&M bag 
-Shana necklace 
-Sportina sandals
-Vogue sunglasses


  1. že veselim objav :) tudi sama še nekak čakam na tak "push" trenutek, saj se mi ideja bloga že lep čas premetava po mislih. Ampak zaenkrat še ni dovolj volje zgleda :)
    Lp Maja

    1. Hvalaa! :) Se bom potrudila ćim bolj redno in zanimivo "updejtat" :)
      Drugače je pa tudi pri meni kr precej trajalo, da sem se spravila k stvari, ampak ko enkrat začneš, te pa kr nekak not potegne.. :)
      Nič...upam, da se še ti čim prej opogumiš in se nam pridružiš ;)
      Lp, Alja :)